Viewing source names with SHOWME

If there are multiple objects with the same printed name, is it possible to use SHOWME to distinguish? I’d like to have SHOWME report the source name instead of the printed name, but I don’t know if that’s possible.

Unfortunately no. The source code name is only stored in the “printed name” property; if you override that property, the source code name is lost from the final game file.

But, you can create a new property (“real printed name”) and change the “for printing the name of” rules to use that property instead, if it’s non-empty. Then the “printed name” property will always hold the source code name for you to check with SHOWME.

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Piggybacking on a clue Dr. Bates provided previously:

Lab is a room.

a thing has a text called object_name.
the object_name of a thing is usually "[the internal name of the item described]".
understand the object_name property as describing a thing.

thing1 is in lab. the printed name of thing1 is "thing".
thing2 is in lab. the printed name of thing2 is "thing".

To say the/-- internal name of (o - object): (- print (object) {o}; -).

test me with "showme thing1 / showme thing2".

It’s a little ugly, but you can see the distinction in the showme output with the value of the object_name property:

object_name: "(I_thing1_U1)"
object_name: "(I_thing2_U1)"