"View active topics" section

Would be possible to enable the “View active topics” of this site?

I really miss it.

IIRC, you have to enable it on a forum by forum basis in the ACP.

Thank you!

I thought it is enabled? I can see the link. Though View Unread Posts is much more useful.

Yeah, the link is there but without results. “View unread post” is very usefull indeed (I use it every time), but doesn’t cover the same use case.

Yeah, “view active topics” is blank. “View new posts” works though. (I’m not sure what the difference is supposed to be.)

Odd. I get a few results in “view active topics.” I wonder if it’s permissions-related.

“View new posts” is limited to “today”, AFAUI.

I’m not sure it’s limited to today. But after looking at the results closer, they’re either all in the IFComp 2013 Authors board, or the Moderator board, both of which would be hidden based on your access.

So that leaves me wondering what “active” means. Does it mean a lot of posts? A certain number of posts? Or is it just broken?

Just to be clear… When I said it’s limited to today, I was talking about “new posts” (the section already working, trying to explain it to zarf).

The empty section (“active topics”), as I see it working at other sites, shows the topics with recent posts, sorted by last post date, obviously honoring permissions, and extended to the date period selected at the bottom (7 days by default).

Yeah, I don’t know why everything under Active Topics comes from specific sections that most users can’t see. So it’s not a matter of there being something disabled that just needs turned back on. It’s there; it’s just not doing what anybody might expect. Unless there’s a configuration option I haven’t seen, it might just be broken.

I think its an opt-in for every [sub]forum (as I tried to communicate in the first post). So makes sense that certain forums shows there, but not others.

Just checked… It’s labelled

in the parameters’ list, when editting a forum in the ACP.

Ah. Setting it for each group didn’t work, because it was off for most of the original boards. Should be okay now.

Looks OK now.

Thank you very much, Merk.