Video series on Interactive Fiction (episode updates)

EDIT: I’ve slightly changed this thread’s title and I will post all episode updates here, so I don’t scatter them around the forum every time.


Not exactly an essay nor a review, but Arcweave just released the pilot episode for a YouTube series on IF—and I’m writing and presenting it. Depending on how many crickets we’ll hear, we’ll keep it up. :partying_face:

Any thoughts welcome.


Brilliant. Very professional production.

I’m now intrigued to see how such a complex story line could be implemented in a parser-based game.

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Thank you!!!

You mean you haven’t played it? I’m so happy I didn’t include spoilers!!! :innocent:

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I’ll have to watch this tonight, when I have time…

Of course the storyline was designed for a parser-based game! That is, I started by thinking up player-parser interactions, and then came up with a story that made use of them. That’s how I write IF, in general.


Well… Almost anything one can meaningfully say about Spider and Web (beyond “It’s awesome, you should play it!”) is spoilery. From the moment you mention the unreliable narrator at the very start of the video, you’re already giving away a lot.

But it would be impossible to talk about one of the strongest pieces of IF (still.) without, well, you know… saying something about it.


True, that’s why I intentionally stayed at the very first scene and the unreliability as it plays out there.

And that’s part of what makes the story well designed: we get the setup of the unreliable narrator at the very beginning. Consistency—but not without surprise!

By the way, I recently listened to Inkle’s podcast, the episode that mentions Spider and Web, and was very shocked to hear them kinda-giving away the solution of the puzzle! Shame shame! :hushed: Of course the game is 20 years old, but… ouch!

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Please do keep it up :slightly_smiling_face:
So much potential for analysis of plot, etc.

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It is wonderful, amazing work. I have visualized the video two times but as you speack so fast I can’t barely understand all the message. I am unable to read subtitles when activated, at normal speed.
The video graphics and the explanation are great both.
I also want more of this reviews.

  • Jade
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Sorry to hear that! That’s me trying to keep the video short! (I actually haven’t checked if subtitles work.) :innocent:

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I’ve watched several times and I catch up the info. I wan’t to play Spider and Web so I have started now and I will go on after comps. Thank you a lot for the video.

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Hey all, we just released the 2nd episode, on 80 Days:

As always, all comments welcome. :blush:


I have played three times and this game is a bit “try and error”
I think the game is awesome, if you get involved you can play it for a long time trying a lot of options.
The video is very impressive with all that flashes that illustrate very fine your review.
Thanks a lot.

  • Jade
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I completed it twice; one took me 81 days (as the video illustrates) because of a silly last minute delay and the second was much faster, with more calculated trading. :laughing:

I started a third one, attempting to go through the poles, but I haven’t proceeded much.

Thank you for the kind comment!

Another brilliant production.

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