Victory / The Final Question

In the Final Question routines, how does the game decide if the player is victorious? I’ve been searching ‘victory’ and ‘victorious’ in the docs, and I haven’t worked it out. Or is it not actually a built-in mechanism?

I refer to examples like Jamaica 1688, which has a final question column for ‘only if victorious’.


Victory is decided by whether the story ended “finally” or not. I.e. it’s the difference between “end the story” and “end the story finally”, which used to be functionally equivalent to “end the game in death” and “end the game in victory”.

OK thanks. I might file a suggestion for the docs to make that clear.


It’s mentioned explicitly in section 11.6 of the Recipe Book, which admittedly is a place that you might not find it unless you already knew what you were looking for.