Very Vile Fairy File: postcomp release (2), on 11/22!

Thanks to some really good pre-comp testing and some help during the comp, I was able to get rolling and make a new release of Very Vile Fairy File today, 11/22, which has a silly significance for potentially obvious reasons. (Well, it’s 11/22 in MY time zone.) is the link, and is the dropbox link.

Mods, this was also announced on IFDB, and I hope this isn’t spamming. I’m pretty sure it’s not, but if it is, let me know.

The only downside of what everyone found was that I couldn’t fit everything in in time. There’ll be a release 3, hopefully on 12/12. Yesterday, I figured a big-picture way to avoid some parser slowdown, but of course I didn’t have the time.