Very short simple interactive fictions needed!

If it becomes a comp, count me out.

Can anyone tell my what TWIF and “comp” mean here?

I agree with Ghalev here that not everything needs to be a comp.

Comp = competition.

TWIF = TWIFcomp (I think - I didn’t know what it was, so I googled).

“Comp” means competition. TWIFComp was a competition for twitter-length IFs – the source code for the games had to be 140 characters or less, not counting whitespace.

Thanks… I really don’t know what to say :frowning: I just want some games for my academic project!

I see! Thanks Matt !! :slight_smile:

I like the idea of encouraging many people to contribute (especially with some central organization to make sure people cover the word list with an even distribution), but not actually competing. It seems to me that “competition” would lead away from the simplicity of what Ela is looking for – I know “comp” makes my brain turn to “I should do something New and Different!,” not “I’m going to take this exactly at face value.”

Yeah it seems that it has some advantages and disadvantages…

Ok, apologies. I didn’t mean comp in the way that really meant competition (mind you, I always thought competition was the least visible and least important part of the IFComp). I was thinking more along the lines of SpeedIF. Less “competition” and more “event where several participants make games based on themes, for no other reason than because it’s fun”. No actual competition involved.

In which case wouldn’t it be better to call it a ‘fair’ or an ‘expo’ rather than a ‘comp’?

Whatever. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve always known these events as “comps”. Now suddenly there’s a big backlash against comps. I’m sorry I didn’t take it into account when I first posted.

So I take it once you use each of your ten words seven or eight times the game is long enough?

Sounds fun, I’d throw in a game or two.

Yes… I don’t want them to be complicated problem-solving games… they need to be interactive and fun!

Thanks a lot George !!! :smiley: :smiley:

I don’t think there’s any kind of backlash, really, though there has been some discussion recently. And I love the comps as a sideline observer and player-of-games-they-inspire; I’m just personally not a comp guy. Never have been.


tried to google those words, but all I found was info about the words.

I’d like to see the list of words please and maybe I’ll throw something at you later, too :slight_smile:


morten [@lfa] mortenflaten [DOT] com

Thanks a lot !! :smiley:
I’ve got the list. I’ll email it to you in a day or so!!

Only remember that ela is explicitly looking for IF to use in teaching English as a second language!–or so I gather.
Anyone who’s not a native speaker of English might want to ask someone who is to cast a critical eye over their writing to avoid suecicisms, danicisms, norvegientisms, finnicisms, theodiscisms, batavisms, lusitanisms, hispanicisms, pudloentisms, or whateverisms.
Mind you, I’m not criticizing anyone’s English skills! Please consider the above the venting of a perfectly general concern.

You are right Felix. The games should be flawless when it comes to its language…

The word list:

Thanks in advance!

:frowning: I have only one month left…