Versu SDK Closed Beta

Cross-posted from my blog:

We’re now launching a closed beta for the Versu SDK tools. An open beta will follow in a few months, and other content creation tools in time, but for right now, we’re looking for code-savvy people who are interested in writing for Versu and are willing to give feedback on the language and library, nitpick the documentation, request features, help us get the toolset into shape for a broader audience, and also perhaps start developing content that they’d like to publish.

People testing out the beta SDK get the development kit, documentation, several annotated example story files to learn from, assorted characters to mix and match with those story files, and access to brand-new library features that haven’t been seen in released content at all. They will also get technical support in working on their projects and access to a user forum. Allowing user-generated content is one of Versu’s core purposes, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what people do with the tool and adapting it to better fit a variety of needs.

If you are interested, you don’t need an iPad to participate. The development tools are suitable for Mac or Windows platforms. They’re also currently best suited to people comfortable doing a bit of coding. Experience with an IF language counts and would be quite relevant.

Since we’re expecting to be pretty engaged with our closed beta crew, there are a limited number of slots available. If you’d like one of them, please share some information with us here. We expect we’ll have picked a group and be distributing the software around August 5.