Version 0.3 of adv3Lite now available

Version 3 of adv3Lite is now available from

This version does not contain any major new features, but rather a number of tweaks and enhancements to existing features and a few bug fixes, as well as a bit of general tidying up. It does, however, contain the first rough draft of the first seven chapters of a tutorial (aimed at new users); while it’s not complete, there’s probably enough there to make it worthwhile for newcomers to give it a try.

There’s one part of the tutorial I’d like a bit of help with, if anyone out there would care to lend a hand. In chapter two there’s a set of instructions for setting things up and creating a new project. These work well enough on Windows, but I’ve no idea if what I’ve drafted for non-Windows systems actually works (I suspect it may well not, not least because I suspect some paths need to be specified somewhere) and no way to test it. So if anyone with a Mac or Linux machine would like to try it out and let me know how to improve the instructions, that would be a great help.

In the new year I’ll post some ideas about what may go into version 0.4

How is the site you linked to supposed to work? I click on the windows(?) but nothing happens.

That’s odd. When I tried it just now I clicked on the tile that had a tick in the corner, labelled advLite03, and it downloaded just fine.

Clicking two times works for me. First time to uncheck checkbox, and then to check it again and then download begins.

Oh. You must uncheck the already selected window and then check the one you want.

I must say, that page is one of the worst things I ever saw :stuck_out_tongue: When I select the docs window, it opens a page with more windows that are supposed to be html files. But selecting them doesn’t open them in the browser. Instead, it wants me to actually download them.

What happened to good old links?

Yep, that’s SkyDrive for you!

Actually, that docs folder was out of date anyway, so I’ve now deleted it so it won’t mislead anyone else.

I’ve also sent adv3Lite to the IF Archive, but I imagine it’ll take a day or two to be available there (until then the version there will be the old one, version 0.2). In the meantime, I copied the file to Dropbox; if you don’t like the SkyDribe version see if this link works better for you:

And if anyone wants to try to view the updated manual on-line it’s now at,