Verbs that are transitive and intransitive

So, I want the player to be able to “dance” and be able to "dance with ", but I’m really struggling to see how this can be done. I’ve got the “Dance with” working ok,
how do I get it to recognise just Dance on its own?

Thanks in advance,

If you define the VerbRules with appropriate grammar lines, this is easy. In the library, you can look at how LieAction and LieOnAction are defined, for instance. You can find the relevant code by opening en_us.t, which you’ll find in the Project pane of Workbench, under Source Files/TADS 3 Adventure Library/TADS 3 English Language.

It would have been easy, if I’d done that from the start and not had to spend time ripping out my own half-assed attempts at getting it to work :smiley:

But anyway, works great, splitting it into Dance and DanceWith.