Verbs in Inform 7

Question 1: Can someone please tell me why a list of verbs available to me(even only the ones that are built-in) is not accessible if the compiling is not successful?? Or if it is accessible, how to get to it?? My index is always blank if the compiling is unsuccessful, so I cannot check the verb list(or anything). Though I do understand that the computer cannot give me an index unless it can process the info I’ve typed in, but can I at least have a list of the built-in verbs??

Question 2: The verb I am looking for is putting [something] in/into. The program doesn’t seem to understand this. Specifically

Check putting something into the rectangular hole:

(followed of course by clauses)

Report putting the white bath towel into the rectangular hole:

All help appreciated.

You’re looking for “inserting something into”. And I feel your pain re: the index.

There’s an option in Preferences to clear out the index when you close Inform. If you turn that off, then compile once, you’ll always have the Index available afterward.

Thank you Mike, I had no idea ‘insert’ was even in the vocabulary. By the way, you probably get a lot of this, but I really enjoyed your game ‘Anchorhead’. I thought the ending was a nice touch–where the heroine gets this really bad feeling when she tests positive–the promise of more horror. Thanks!

Draconis, thanks for your help, yet again.