VerBrief options setting


I’m using Menus by Emily Short.

[code]Table of Setting Options
title subtable (table name) description toggle
“[if notify mode is on]Score notification on[otherwise]Score notification off[end if]” – -- switch notification status rule
“[if verbose mode is on]Verbose mode on[otherwise]Brief mode on[end if]” – -- switch verbrief status rule

To decide whether notify mode is on:
(- notify_mode -) ;

This is the switch notification status rule:
if notify mode is on, try switching score notification off;
otherwise try switching score notification on.[/code]

You may recognize the code, it’s from the extension documentation.

Except for one line, mentioning VerBrief.

So I’m adding this:

This is the switch verbrief status rule: if verbose mode is on, use BRIEF room descriptions; otherwise use VERBOSE room descriptions.

What I’m looking to do is two things:

1: how do I check if either Verbose mode or Brief mode are on?

1.1: I assume I can casually repurpose the switch notification status rule to work for swapping between verbose and brief… I hope that assumption is correct.

2: How do I prohibit the use of SuperBrief mode? Even if the player tries to input the command.

2.1: Ideally, the game should reject attempts to chance score notification and verbose/brief/superbrief unless it’s done from the menu, and instead refer to the menu.

There are tests in the standard rules: “if set to sometimes abbreviated room descriptions”, “if set to unabbreviated room descriptions”, “if set to abbreviated room descriptions”.

You can’t say “use BRIEF room descriptions” as a runtime phrase. That option sets the start-of-game default, not the current verbosity level. Instead, do “follow the prefer abbreviated room descriptions rule.”

Check preferring abbreviated room descriptions:
	instead say "Not available."

Thank you uncle ^^

And I say “uncle” because