Verb Definition Based on Actor

Here’s a little puzzle I don’t know how to solve. After reading Aaron’s transcript of a newbie playing a game, it occurred to me that this would be useful:

Understand “give me [things]” as taking.

If the player is addressing the parser, that works just fine. But it fails disastrously with the input ‘bob, give me the wrench’, as that will be translated into ‘bob, take the wrench’.

So the question is, is there an easy way to peel off the grammar for commanding an npc from the grammar for the PC?


Personally, I’d rather have something like this:

Before giving something to yourself, say “If you want to take [the noun], just say ‘take [the noun]’” instead.

I’d rather not encourage the player to address the parser as an intermediary between the PC and the game world.

This was asked recently in the guise of speaking to an NPC in another language. A partial solution: [code]Understand “lo siento” as saying sorry when the person asked is Maurice.

Maurice and Bob are men in the library.

Persuasion for asking maurice to try saying sorry: say “No problemo.” instead.[/code]

To finish the solution, the pre-existing Understand rules need be flagged as gibberish to Maurice. Either 1) removing all grammar lines, then re-adding them with a “when the person asked is not Maurice” clause, or 2) create a To Decide Whether clause which sets a global Is Spanish boolean (and returns true), used on just the Spanish lines, with the global being re-initialized to false Before Reading A Command.

A Persuasion rule for Bob that rejects Is-Spanish, and a Persuasion rule for Maurice which rejects not-Is-Spanish.

And probably a Saying Gibberish action that both guys will use for responding to such. (“What?” / “Que?”)