Vanishing passage links and moving passages

Using Twine 2.3.3 and Sugarcube 2.28.2

Suddenly, when I select a passage, either with a single click or a double, all its link lines vanish.

I’m also finding passages scooting way over to the far left of the window. I can move them up or down, but not to the right: they stay along that side.

I found an old post which said that passages were moving completely off screen, and someone said they had made it so a passage could not longer go entirely off screen, so maybe that thing is keeping them at the left side and it’s the same old problem?

This isn’t happening in all my stories. Just one, currently. The others, in the same story format, are working just fine.

I’ve backed up my text in notepad files, and mapped my links in Scapple, so I can start again - but I’d love to know what caused it, so I can avoid it happening again.

Any ideas?


Well, the Twine v2.3.x branch involved a major change to the underlying engine, so there are still a number of bugs in it to work out.

First, I’d recommend reporting the bug here, along with any steps which you might remember to reproduce the problem, and possibly a link to the problematic game and/or screenshots if you think it would help track down the bug.

Next, you might want to download Twine v2.2.1, which was the last stable version, and install it into a different directory than the Twine v2.3.3 install. You can use that until they get all of the kinks worked out of the v2.3.x branch.

Also, if you want to keep up on the progress of upcoming versions, you might want to bookmark here.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


That was all incredibly helpful, thanks so much. Have reported issue, and will try Twine v2.2.1.

Really grateful :slight_smile: