Vampire Ltd Release 4 (post-comp release)

Hi all!

I published a post-comp release of my IFComp 2020 entry Vampire Ltd earlier this week.

Release 4 adds developer commentary, improves custom responses, and fixes bugs. There are no changes or expansions to the core gameplay itself. This will be the final release, assuming that no really nasty bugs get discovered.

Full changelog:
  • Added developer commentary implemented as optional footnotes (via Stephen Granade’s Footnotes extension)
  • Nero no longer turns discreetly away from computers’ operating systems to bite things (thank you, ClubFloyd! As they guessed, this happened because the operating systems were coded as people to take advantage of conversation trees for controlling computers)
  • Fixed an oversight where “eat raisins” or similar in reference to the raisin box gave a misleading message suggesting that there were raisins in the box; added the word “empty” to the box’s initial appearance to make this clearer
  • Added “start”, “log in” and “wake up” and variants as synonyms for using computers
  • Added “holy symbols” and variants as synonyms for the cupboard to allow for “show symbols to” as a synonym for opening the cupboard
  • Added a “pray” command (which does nothing to change the game state, but a few players tried it in front of the holy symbols, so now it gets a response)
  • Added responses to trying to put things into the blood bag
  • Most interesting default verbs in Inform should now get a custom response, along with one or two responses to specific situations (e.g. waking up, thinking, etc)
  • Hopefully fixed the bug which printed the in-game changelog in bold text, which only happened in the release version and not in the Inform 7 IDE for some reason
  • Corrected a few typos (e.g. the missing opening quote in the interview scene)
  • Another version of the playable website created specifically for the itch online version, with most anchor tags in the HTML removed. This is because you could, e.g., open the postcard PDF within the itch window and then have no obvious way to get back to the website. The download version on itch and elsewhere still reflects the original playable website.

Play it online or download the .glorb file or zip archive here:

The .gblorb file is also available from the IF Archive:

More information on the IFDb: