Valley of Steel

Hi folks! My first game Valley of Steel is ready for your delectation. Feedback always welcome, and I hope you enjoy. The latest build will be available linked from the IFDB page.

Valley of Steel

Many thanks to those who beta-tested and offered feedback.

Congratulations on releasing a game, I’d just like to take this opportunity to ask you to make sure to update the Release Number every time you update your game and use the “News” option on IFDB, so we all know there’s a new version out. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I totally will. I’m letting Inform increment the build numbers for bugfixes, and will save functionality additions/story changes etc. for full release increments. At this point, I’m just tweaking stuff like descriptions and occasionally adding a nonfunctional prop when folks tell me I should put one in to support a description. Functionality and puzzles are frozen.

Yeah, good work on releasing a game. It’s near the top of my play list and I will get there.

  • Wade

Excellent! I tend to disappear into my own work, which is not good because it leaves me ignorant of what’s going on, so I’m trying to impose on myself a new philosophy that I will at least launch once everything announced on this website from, like, last week forward, and give each announced work at least one opportunity to grab my attention with an intriguing opening. I will try to get to this one after Spring Thing, which has been on my plate but I got distracted by the news.

EDIT: Not that I won’t play works released previously that I missed, but it’s hard enough to adopt new routines without expecting them to solve everything quickly.

I played your game over lunch, and it seems to have an interesting story going on, which I like. I’ve gotten to a point where I have a lot of items and explored as far as I can, including

1. I got in the house
2. Rebooted

But I have no idea what to do now. I feel like I have to start looking for a verb or finding some miniscule detail of some object to find the one item I need next after item 2.

Will keep trying. Thanks very much for all the work on the game, and sharing it here.


Mark- Thanks very much! Did you try the hint system? Was it unhelpful? I have no idea if the hints are useful or not, so any feedback you have will be eagerly incorporated. :slight_smile:

I will tell you this, though:

The reboot gets the file on the computer. To get it somewhere useful, you’ll need something to store it on. Is that unclear? The thing you need is around, but may not be immediately visible…

I did understand in the game what you mentioned in your spoiler; I knew to look for that. I’ve never used the hint system; perhaps I’m missing something, but it only gives 2 basic hints about exploring.

Ah, then I messed up. The hint system is adaptive, it’s supposed to change what hints are available based on where you are in the game or what you’ve done. So now I know that the hints which are supposed to be displaying for your progress point…aren’t. Thanks very much, I’m going to go have a look as to why. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay. I see what happened. I used to use another event to trigger that hint table, and when I rewrote the game beginning, I never changed the trigger. DERP. Fixed! Thanks very much! (reuploaded to my release site - won’t resubmit to the IF archive until I’m pretty sure I’m done with fixing these kinds of stupid mistakes :stuck_out_tongue: )

Trying it at the site now, thanks… hints do work.

Small bug report: if you put something in the oven, then look in the oven, it says there’s nothing in there. If you examine it, it doesn’t mention its contents.

Wheeeee! Hahaha thanks. Fixed and uploaded new build. Keep 'em coming!

After more than 100 fixes and improvements (including a slightly rewritten ending and a very heavily worked-over start area due to many helpful suggestions and bug reports from Andrew Schultz and others) I’m pleased to offer you Release 2 of Valley of Steel. I continue to iterate it slowly, and I’m sure that I’ll find more things to fix (especially in the middle game) but the game is, I believe, much improved both in performance, puzzles and feel. Suggestions and bug reports always happily accepted - see the game’s web site for a link to the game’s issue tracker (warning: possible spoilers!) and my contact info.

Unfortunately, the IF Archive ‘play now’ button no longer works - I suspect because I’ve gone over the memory limits of the web interpreter. However, the web interpreter on the game’s release page still works fine, and of course you can always download the blorb. I’ve resubmitted it to the if-archive due to the new release.


No, there’s some bugs in Parchment. I’ll try to fix them now.

And it should be working now. :slight_smile:

Woohoo! Thank you very much. Edited my IFDB post. :slight_smile: