Using the new pause and unpause features (glk sound)

I don’t think that the new glk sound features pause and unpause are supported in all interpreters (Zoom comes to mind as a place where they may well not be supported). But there doesn’t seem to be a gestalt defined for these features alone. How can I ensure that I have a fallback rather than an error message on terps that don’t support the new features?

What I wrote:

(I should change the word “overall” to “older” in the second paragraph; it’s misleading the way it is.)

Interpreters are required to add the newer sound features (pause, volume control) in a batch. There aren’t separate selectors for individual features.

Actually, it was in fact the word “overall” that got me. I skipped the list of functions when I read that. Should have read with more attention. Thanks!

And just a note for folks that might be interested in these features: The new suite of sound features (including pause and unpause) aren’t supported in the most recent version of Gargoyle either.