Using the new 'one of -or' codes - TADS3.1

I recently saw a post that talked about the new ‘one of - or’ coding. Being interested in it, I tried to find references on how to use it in the manuals. But, as usual, I didn’t have any luck finding any extensive text about it. Does anyone out there know the different ways this can be used?


Don’t know about a manual reference, but I’m still using some code Jim wrote for me, which works–

"You <<one of>>consider<<or>>ponder<<or>>think about<<at random>>... "


Thanks for the info. The use I saw for this was using different messages when entering a room. The original ‘not seen’ message would only be used once in that application. I would like to find out what different parameters are available when you wish to use this piece of code.


Googling around for “one of” “at random” got me–

–which has quite a bit of info. Indeed it appears to be the main specifications for this feature.

Also there is

–which treats this topic almost as the first topic it treats. You can CTRL-F search for “A new string embedding template syntax lets you create custom keywords” which will zip you right to the topic.

FWIW, I notice that in the IDE I can’t search for a phrase… words are always searched for individually, which many times makes it difficult to find something, e.g., |if else| returns every page where the two words appear in English.

Meantime, Google couldn’t resolve “<>” as distinct from “one of”. Eh, tools get too friendly sometimes.


Thanks for the help. When I’m writing TADS, I have repeating thoughts that there’s only one way to do it correctly but there are fifteen-hundred ways to get it wrong! One example can be be more helpful than many paragraphs of explanation. In my case, one picture is indeed worth a thousand words. But, still we continue on!