Using the new Inform Windows interface with an older build?

I’d really like to use the graphical map provided by Glimmr, but Glimmr apparently isn’t supported in the latest builds of Inform 7.

I installed a previous version of Inform 7, but, and this is maybe a bit silly, I don’t like the UI differences from the latest version.

I’m just getting started with Inform, so before I wrote myself into a corner, I thought I’d better check. Is there a way to use the newer UI for Windows, but with the older build of the language? Or, alternatively, anyone have any luck getting Glimmr to work on the latest build?

Definitely! Depending which features of the UI you want. If you’re enjoying things like the Public Library, that’s unfortunately limited to the newest versions. But if you want the new editor with the old compiler, that’s doable.

Which version of Windows are you on? And which version of Inform do you want to use?

Yeah, I don’t use the Public Library, because I’ve been getting … weird results from the Public Library (with some libraries not appearing in the Public Library but on the web page). Now that I know how easy it is to manually install modules, I’m happy.

I’m on Windows 10. I’d like to use the UI from 6M62 (the latest build), but I have to use the language/compiler from 6G60, as that’s the last version compatible with the last version of Glimmr I’ve been able to find.