Using scenes for groups of people

I have a scene which represents a group of people, and I want to handle “talk to group”, but getting compiler error:

Talking is an action applying to one visible thing. Understand "talk to [something]" as

Check talking:
	say "You can't do that." instead.

Instead of talking to the torch-group:
	say "That's probably not a good idea, since you don't want to draw attention to yourself."

The error: “You wrote ‘Instead of talking to the torch-group’ , which seems to introduce a rule taking effect only if the action is ‘talking to the torch-group’. But that did not make sense as a description of an action. I am unable to place this rule into any rulebook.”

You defined your action as “talking” rather than “talking to”.

Is that required for all actions? I’ve seen other actions without it.

If you want your action to have a preposition between the action name and the first noun (“talking to Bob”), you need to define it that way. Most actions take a direct object (“taking the book”) so they don’t need any preposition here; right now you could write rules about “talking Bob” and Inform would be cool with it.


One other thing, how would I do something like:

Instead of examining the torch-group after talking to Peter:
	now the torch-group is in the City Road;

I also tried nesting:

After talking to Peter:
       Instead of examining the torch-group:
               now the torch-group is in the City Road;

What’s your goal, exactly? Do you want the rule to happen when you examine the torch-group immediately after talking to Peter? or when you examine the torch-group anytime after talking to Peter? (Like, if I talked to Peter, then waited a few turns, then wandered through a few other rooms, then tried to examine the torch-group, would that count?)

If all you want is for the torch-group to be in the City Road after talking to Peter, you can do that with:

After talking to Peter: now the torch-group is in the City Road.

No need to tie it to the examining action.