Using "room description control" extension by Emily Short

Does anyone use this extension? I’m not sure how to use it aside from “Including” it. How do I actually take advantage of its features?

All extensions come with documentation explaining how to use them. It’s found from the HELP menu. Is this extension missing its documentation? Or is it not compiling for you?

I have the documentation that comes with the extension, there just aren’t examples of how each different feature can be included. Or if there are, they certainly aren’t clear.

Room Description Control provides a framework to be used either with the extension Tailored Room Description or with activities defined by the author. (It’s a bit technical, but essentially what Room Description Control does is take over from the default Inform library the job of making a list of objects that need to be described; removing from that list anything you want to have concealed; and then ordering the list according to priorities you’ve set. But all that doesn’t print anything to screen unless you’ve written some “writing a paragraph about…” activities to tell it what it should say about each object on its list.)

If you use them together, TRD has examples of what it can do and how; if you want to write your own activities, TRD may serve as a good example for how. (That said, writing your own suite equivalent to Tailored Room Description is likely to be challenging if you’re relatively new to Inform. I’m not sure what your experience level is, but I wouldn’t recommend that to everyone just starting out.)

Thanks Emily. It helps to get input from the writer :slight_smile: