Using IFDB's putific API

I have a question about the putific API.

So, I’ve been writing a script to help upload itchio games using this API - the code is at · GitHub. I tested this on a local server, which I set up using the instructions at GitHub - iftechfoundation/ifdb: The software behind the Interactive Fiction Database (IFDB), and it works - I can create new listings with, and it also works when I create a new user.

However, when trying to use the same script on the actual IFDB (using as the api endpoint), it doesn’t work - I get the error “The IFDB login failed: incorrect username or password.”, even though I know the username (email) and password are correct (unrelated but I guess sending passwords over http is a security risk). I also tried, and that gets no response.

Is there any reason why it would work in localhost, but not on the server?