Using Gargoyle to Play Level 9 Adventures

Hi All,

I’m a bit of a newbie here, so apologies if this question has been answered before…

I’m a fan of the Gargoyle interpreter and want to use it to play the Level 9 games. Gargoyle has a .L9 extension to load and play these games, but I have no idea where to find any .L9 game files…

Baf’s Guide has a Level 9 section, with game files in .Z80 and .SNA format but Gargoyle cannot understand these files.

Does anyone know how to get Gargoyle to play the Level 9 files on Baf’s, or where to get .L9 files?


Gargoyle should register itself as a file handler for .SNA under Windows and Mac OS X. It will also load the file if you change the extension to .L9.

Brilliant! That works perfectly, thanks very much!