Using extensions to split a source file

So I used TADS for a little bit, just to compare the two, and in the end I like Inform7 better, but one thing I miss is the ability to split up the source file into multiple files. It just makes everything much more organised, neat and tidy.

But I’m just curious if its possible to use custom Extensions to split up my file. IE: put my custom rules in one file, perhaps the characters and conversations in another extension.

Would it work, or are there some things you can’t do in an Extension?

I use multiple files for everything. I generally chunk up rules and sets of “things” into their own extensions. The current project I’m working on has twenty and growing “extensions” included which are all just separate pieces of the code. This makes reuse easier for similar games as well.

Oh excellent. I think this just made my life a whole lot easier :smiley:

I do, too. I find somewhere around 10-15,000 words, my coding slows down, and keeps slowing down until I put the stuff I’m not working on into an extension. Bookmarks are being worked on, which might help. (

I don’t mind having everything in one file, as long as navigating within the file is easy. I can’t quite say this for the I7 IDE, but in vi, I usually have two documents split vertically (the module I’m working on goes in the left panel, the unit testing script for it goes on the right), and then if I need to flip back and forth between sections of the same file, I make a horizontal split within its panel. vi also has the awesome `` command (two backticks), which takes you to the last position in the file before you moved the cursor. Oh, and you can search for text and then edit it right away without touching the mouse…

One of these days I will try editing my I7 source in vi, but there are other features of the IDE that I do like, which keep me from starting a new learning curve.