User changeable vaeriables with limits

hi there i was wondering if there would be a way to creat a player updateable skill system basicaly every so often i want the player to be able to update one skill but i dont want them to be able to take skill points form other skills but i also whant them to be able to remove the skill point from the the skill they disided to use that point on if they change there mind
a rugh idea i have it to use HiEv’s simple update without refresh (this one) and sugarcubes math.clmp function to limit it to onaly a spesafied range

You could try taking a look at the <<numberpool>> macro, which is among the SugarCube v2 Add-ons.

I think it might let you do that. If not, you could probably look at the source code and modify it to do what you want.

Hope that helps! :grinning: