use 'telling' without 'about'

I want my player to be able to ‘tell Bob a joke’. But the default for telling uses ‘about’ e.g. tell Bob about a joke, which is awkward. Is there a way around this?


If you look up “telling it about” in the index of your game, you find this:

You can add new “understand…as” grammar to the action in the form you want.

[code]Understand “tell [someone] [text]” as telling it about.

Bob is a man in blast zone.

After telling Bob about “the/-- dynamite”: say “‘Goodness, that looks dangerous,’ murmurs Bob.”

After telling Bob about “a/-- joke”: say “‘That’s a good one!’ chortles Bob.”[/code]
The only thing is that you’ll be able to similarly tell Bob about things without using the word “about” but that may not be a problem.

If you absolutely want to avoid what HanonO says (mixing the sentences that require “about” with ones that don’t), you can create a new action that does not use “about.”

Narrating it to is an action applying to one topic and one visible thing.

Understand "tell [some text] to [a thing]" as narrating it to. Understand "tell [a thing] [some text]" as narrating it to (with nouns reversed). 

[The check stage makes sure you only narrate to people.]

Check narrating it to:
    if the second noun is not a person, say "The [second noun] [do not] listen." instead.

[The carry out stage covers the block reply: the listener doesn't react specifically.]

Carry out narrating it to:
    say "[regarding the second noun][They] [do not] reply."

Thus, you can distinguish the two actions. If needed. Otherwise, HanonO’s reply has you covered.