"use" phrases (I7)

There is something that I am curious about. Is it possible to create a new “use phrase”, something similar to “use no scoring”.

Yes. I believe the code is something like this.

Use something-or-other translates into I6 as (-Constant USE_SOMETHING;-).

Section 25.17 of the documentation explains how to do this.


There’s also an extension that provides a Use command, that I believe Aaron Reed wrote. I think it expanded on the example in the manual somewhat.

Do you know which one?

Use options are really only useful in extensions.
Aaron’s Smarter Parser extension defines several ones.

Why wouldn’t it be useful outside extensions too?
“Instead of using the bicycle, try the player going …” wouldn’t be useful?
I like “use”. Use is sort of like an invisible hintbook, that lets you get around verb guessing.
As long as you have the game explain the action that his “use” is parsed as, it will also explain what actions are available to the player as he plays:

>use bed with rope (tying the rope to the bed) You tie one end of the rope to one of the bedposts.

Ah, wait, we seem to be talking about different things.

Andreas, I believe the OP was referring to phrases in the source code such as “Use American dialect” or “Use no scoring”.
Felix, I think Andreas was referring to a “use” verb in the game itself.

Oh, I have completely misunderstood the topic. I just finished writing my own “use” verb extension, so I basically just read “use” and thought I knew what you were talking about.

Yes, that is correct.