US vs UK spelling

I know that the “use American dialect” option tells I7 to use US spelling and grammar in responses which are generated by I7 itself. I assume that in order to accomplish this, somewhere behind the scenes there must be a list of common words for which the spelling differs depending on which side of the big pond one is on.

My question is whether there is a way to capture the use of UK spelling conventions in player commands. What I’d like to do is generate a different response when a player uses UK spelling in his commands. Is there any way to do this, short of manually trying to identify words which might be used in commands for which the spelling differs?


Robert Rothman

No — or I think not.

There is not. The library messages etc. that are affected by differences in US/UK spelling all exist in two editions:

	    #Ifdef DIALECT_US; 
Sorry: 	"Oh, don’t apologize."; 
Sorry: 	"Oh, don’t apologise."; 

EDIT: the above code is from the I6 template for standard responses to the saying sorry action.