Upgrading gargoyle to use recent TADS sources.

Just a heads up: When compiling with gcc/g++ optimization option -O3 for the armv7-a platform (in my case for use with a jailbroken Kindle PW 3), loading a Tads 3 file (it.t3) led to a crash: “Bus Error”. Compiling with -O2 solved the problem.

The Kindle Paperwhite 3 binaries can be found here: mobileread.com/forums/showpo … stcount=77

Many thanks for all your work! I was using the code that was already mentioned by Chris Spiegel from this branch: fabiszewski.net/kindle-gargoyle/).

I’ve decided to make a new build of Gargoyle for Windows to fix this bug.

Here it is. Now City of Secrets works fine.


P.S. As usual, I also included several custom colour schemes (i.e. bright text on dark background). Enjoy.

P.S. Edit: fixed the download link.

On the license issues, is Son of HunkyPunk listed as one of the TADS ports (Android mobile/tablets)? I know a lot of the Amazon Kindles use Android variations. The Author of TADS asked that port authors contact to be listed. I just dropped them an email.

This source code is distributed for the specific purpose of porting
TADS, so that you can run the software on any system of your choosing.
All other derivative works are prohibited without the written
permission of the author.  I want to avoid the creation of variations
on the system, because it leads to confusion on the part of users if
there are multiple incompatible flavors floating around.  However, if
you have a specific idea in mind, I'd be happy to at least consider
it.  Please contact the author if you have any questions about this or
if you would like permission to create a derived work.  

If you port TADS to a new platform, the author does grant permission
for you to distribute your ported version - I encourage it, in fact.
I ask that you include your contact information in any distribution
package you create, so that users of your version will know how to
contact you if they have any questions relating specifically to your

Got TADS upgraded to 3.1.3 in Thunderword on Android. Here is a screen show showing the version via data sharing with second app, “Text Fiction for Thunderword”

Here’s the latest Windows release of Gargoyle, built from source with MinGW 5.1.0. Tested on Windows 7 x64 and Windows XP.