Upgrading a game to the latest vesion of Inform7?

0k, I have kinda been working on my games for a while and I’m starting to have problems with new updated extensions not working with my version of Inform and my script, and I’m wondering if it might not be worth updating my (now pretty complex) script to the new version before it becomes any bigger and more reliant on old mods? I know there are a lot of good scripters working hard to update their stuff, but I’m wondering how far the extension database is so far on the shift over and how big my compatibility problems might be? Are there a lot of cool mods still lagging or is the update really extensive now? At the moment my mod list looks like this:

The bracketed stuff is mostly things I’m playing around with but have hat to quote out for compatibility reasons.

By the way, is there a new compatible version of Activity-based Simple Chat by Shadow Wolf? at the moment I’m getting this error in my trial run:

Does anyone know what this means? I got it with a “Translating the Source - Failed” error. This is for the new version of Inform7


Fixed this one. it was the old version of Dynamic Objects by Jessie that was doing it. New version sorted it out.