Updating "Unknown Word Error" by Neil Cerutti

I ran into a problem with code I had borrowed from an old version of “Neutral Library Messages” by Aaron Reed. I would get this strange response:

I got the latest version of NLM, which seems to fix the problem, but then I noticed the code to do this is borrowed in turn from “Unknown Word Error” by Neil Cerutti. So I got that too.

Turns out Cerutti’s extension is not compatible with 6G60, so I updated it. I don’t want all of Aaron’s messages, just this particular behavior, so I’ll probably use my update:


Neil, are you out there? What do you think of this update? Would you prefer to write your own?

Aaron, I’ve kept Neil’s activity-based approach to the problem, but I’m thinking about incorporating the behavior to work with Ron Newcomb’s Default Messages extension. Can you explain a bit about how NLM handles this? I’m confused about what you mean by “the misunderstood word is known elsewhere” and when the “you don’t need to use the word ‘foo’ in that way” message is supposed to come up.

I’d also like to add a message for “I don’t know the verb ‘foo’” to UWE… what do folks think about that?