Updating post-comp

Hi guys, just wondering where I would stick a new version of a competition game? Do I upload the new file to the ifarchive using the standard methods?

Pretty much. Then when your update version is in place, hook up your main IFDB link to it.

You may also wanna hook up links for your game at ifwiki.org, and/or tend to other aspects of its page there while you’re there. Admittedly this requires some wiki-fu, so it’s not as easy as changing things on IFDB and I don’t blame any authors for not tweaking their own pages. I hadn’t edited any wikis myself til I started doing some things on ifwiki, and the way I started off was looking at the page for some other game that was complete, choosing to edit it and then copying and pasting bits of its code to hack up my own game’s page. Pretty much the same way as I started doing Inform, really [emote];)[/emote]

  • Wade

And please do let us know about the new version, by either announcing it in this forum (in the appropriate board) or using the “News” feature of IFDB.

I foolishly promised some friends that Release 3 of A Killer Headache would be available this week. Even considering the holiday weekend, that was unrealistic. Now I have to decide how long to postpone it, and whether I should put off some stuff for Release 4…

I generally send something to ifarchive and have a blurb ready for IFDB. I don’t think I’ve posted anything here yet, but this time, I think I will.

I’m targeting the end of the month for a new version release. I planned for it to take more time than I thought it would, and apparently there’s one more unwinnable state than I thought, so I need to find that.