Updates to Windows ports of Level 9, Magnetic and AGT interpreters

As I’ve recently got myself a new Windows 10 laptop, I’ve dusted off several Windows ports of interpreters that I’ve done in the past and given them a bit of a tidy and polish: all now support Windows 10’s ability to switch DPI when moving between monitors, and have icons more in keeping with modern Windows versions. In addition, a few other long-overdue improvements have been made:

  • The Windows port of the Level 9 interpreter includes a patch from Stefan Bodrato to give the line-drawn graphics an optional “dithered” look.
  • The Windows port of the Magnetic interpreter uses Windows for playing MP3 and MIDI files, rather than relying on compiled in code.
  • The Windows port of the AGiliTy AGT interpreter includes logic to simulate the old PC speaker ‘beep’ command using DirectSound.

These new builds can all be downloaded from the IF-Archive:


Thanks a lot David! I love the Level 9 interpreter and I always use it as an example of how important is to have proper modern interpreter for legacy adventure systems.