Updates on where I been. (Elsegar II update)

Hello, Silicon14 here. Some you might have remember me from last year where I created a game called Elsegar I and submitted to IFComp but was later removed due to me posting a link calling for play testers before judging. I would later release the game official on itch.io. Those of you have played the original game might also remember that I left the ending on a cliffhanger for a planned sequel. This is what has happened so far.
I original was going to make the sequel have similar structure to Beneath a Steel sky and had ideas for going through levels of a city and you would have a little robot friend to help you. However, when I was coding and planning the first area, I came across a little bit of writers block. While I knew where to start the game and end the game, I had trouble coming up puzzles and create a good plot to tie everything together. Plus I felt like the method I was using (Coding in items, puzzles, characters, etc as I went along) risk the game felt unfocused and sloppy. So I scrapped what I had and decided to start over.
This time I decided to plan everything before I even wrote a signal line of Inform code. I decided to first write the game’s plot and find ways to add puzzles to it, then map said plot, finally, I would code the game. The problem came with writing a plot as I needed to find words that could be used in the game to properly describe to “room.” Not only that but other stuff also ate up my time such as making music, creating art and posting animations onto YouTube, creating non IF-games for a few game jams, doing schoolwork, and learning Spanish. Because of this lead the game ended up in the limbo that it is currently in.

In conclusion, Elsegar II is NOT cancel but, AS OF RIGHT NOW, plans for the game have been post pone for other endeavors. Thanks for reading.