Update to Windows Inform 7, November 2021

A fifth beta of the 64-bit build of Windows Inform 7 (6M62) is now available from https://github.com/DavidKinder/Windows-Inform7/releases/latest. The work to update the Windows front-end to match the Mac OSX front-end continues, we are slowly getting closer …

Changes in this build:

  • The splash screen has been replaced by a “launcher” window, in order to match the Mac OSX front-end. When the front-end starts it will attempt to open the previously opened projects, and then show the launcher if there are no such projects.

  • The order of the main tabs now matches the Mac OSX front-end.

  • The button which pastes code examples from extension documentation works now.

  • Several front-end crashes have been fixed.

The last beta ran into several issues with virus checkers, and I would not be surprised if the same happens again. There isn’t much I can do about this: if it happens to you, all I can suggest is that you complain to whichever clowns wrote the anti-virus software you use.

One thing I have done is to amend the release page so that Windows Inform 7 is available as an executable installer (as before) and as a zip file. Windows Inform 7 doesn’t really need the installer, all it does is copy the files to the right place and set up an icon in the Start menu. You can just as easily unpack the zip file somewhere convenient and run it from there.


I will begin the email, “Dear Clown,”



The 2 links to open a sample project (Onyx & Disenchantment Bay) only open the Projects folder but the samples are not found there or anywhere else for that matter.
(Maybe the Micro$oft clowns running Defender removed them?)
Are they supposed to be a part of the install?

When you click on those links, you get a folder picker to choose where the front-end will save copies of those sample projects, so if you click “Select Folder” when it opens, the sample is created and opened.

Now you point this out, though, I admit that this is not completely obvious, aside from the title text of the folder picker dialog. I will see if I can make it a bit more obvious.