Update for Windows IDE?

It seems that Mac is getting the love of IDE updates.
Meanwhile, the Windows IDE can’t zoom, can’t clear the WHOLE skein (Mac can, apparently), has poor panning, scrolling in the various windows is inconsistent, zooming text in various places is VERY inconsistent …
What are the hopes of getting a Windows update to the IDE?
NOT an update to Inform 7. That’ll come when it comes.
The Win IDE though? NEEDS an update, in a big way. … frustrating things :
Why isn’t the Win IDE as up to date as the Mac IDE? Is no-one working on it anymore? :frowning:

It looks to me as though the Windows IDE is on GitHub and last got an update 25 days ago, which means David Kinder hasn’t abandoned it… maybe you can create some issues on there? I’m not really sure about GitHub etiquette/procedures around this.

The thing about clearing the skein in the Mac IDE seems to have to do with the update that merged the Skein/Transcript panel into the Testing panel on the Mac IDE, which is not universally beloved.

Correction to the link matt posted: github.com/DavidKinder/Windows-Inform7

Well that’s cool. Have any of you used the updated version?
Sadly, I don’t know how to build from source (under windows) … tried before, with little success.
Hopefully it gets an official downloadable build sooner than later.

EDIT: Incidentally, I did leave a feature addition suggestion on via the Inform 7 page
inform7.uservoice.com/forums/57 … d-clear-al

EDIT EDIT: And I did just go leave a request re: these things on the github page. Thanks for that. :smiley: