Upcoming events in Cambridge, Oxford, and London

Since we have a number of members who have to take the train to every meeting, the Oxford-London IF Meetup is going on tour to Cambridge at the end of this month. If you’re a Cambridge-based IF person and might like to join us, here’s a poll where we’re picking the best dates – please let us know what you would prefer!

meetup.com/Oxford-and-London … s/1215811/

We’ve also planned the next several London and Oxford events, which you can find here: meetup.com/Oxford-and-London … ion-Group/

In particular, London February 16, we are playing some various live storytelling card/board/etc games, including a variant of San Tilapian Studies:

meetup.com/Oxford-and-London … 227889256/

I run this very rarely, so if you’re interested in playing it, this would be an unusual opportunity. We’ll also have snacks and other fun storytelling games to try, followed by time at the pub to talk with other participants, compare notes, etc. If you would like to bring a storytelling game of your own, as long as it’s suitable for a group of 3-6 people and playable in 30-90 minutes, feel free!

A bit of a highjack, but is anything planned in the Bath/Bristol/Cardiff area?

Not currently that I know of, and that’s a little far for me to coordinate without someone on the ground there. But if you wanted to organize something I’d be happy to give it announcement space!

Unfortunately my time for arranging anything is null as my writing and learning time is using up what ever work does not steal.

Just a bump to let people know the Cambridge event is happening this Saturday at 2 PM; address and details at meetup.com/Oxford-and-London … 228081465/ .