Up, and Down Directions Adjusted?

I sort of want to add onto the up and down directions - because it feels weird to see ‘up’ and ‘down’ for staircase ‘exits’. It feels more natural to have it read as “downstairs”, and “Upstairs” but I don’t know exactly how to add those, or change up and down to those words?

Thank you for your help! (Sorry if this is similar to another topic already, but…)

When you say

in what context are you seeing them? Are you using some kind of exit-listing extension?

You can add command synonyms for up and down like this:

Understand "upstairs" as up.
Understand "downstairs" as down.

but this doesn’t change any display issues. So a bit more info about where and how you’re seeing up/down and don’t want to will help.


Assuming that you have something like:

A stairwell is a kind of room.

Then you can:

Rule for printing the name of up when the location is a stairwell: say "upstairs" instead.
Rule for printing the name of down when the location is a stairwell: say "downstairs" instead.

You’ll also want the two Understand rules from severedhand’s post as well.

You can name specific rooms or use an adjective or some other conditional phrase that Inform understands rather than using a kind of room, if you prefer.

Or alternatively (to keep things simple), if all of the up/down exits in your story are staircases, then you can just say:

The printed name of up is "upstairs".  The printed name of down is "downstairs".

Thanks for the replies! I am using Exit Lister by Eric Eve - and it kept showing me “UP”, and “DOWN” for exit possibilities. I do like the ‘stairwell’ kind of idea - but upstairs and downstairs works well enough too. I just was tired of seeing that “Up/Down” thing.

The printed name code worked like a charm. That’s all I wanted, really. Thanks so much :slight_smile: