Unwanted: blank line after indexed text room description

I want to write a custom room description with an indexed text. Overly simple example:

[code]Moor is a room. The description is “[moortext]”.

To say moortext:
say “Moorish.”[/code]
However, this gives two blank lines above the input line >, rather than the one after a standard room description. How can I get rid of that annoying line?

Thanks in advance.


To say moortext:
say “Moorish.[run paragraph on]”.

Ack! Why didn’t I think of that!? It seems strange that it’s creating a new paragraph at all, though.

Thanks for the quick response!

In theory, if the argument to ‘say’ ends in a period it’s supposed to insert a paragraph break. I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘[run paragraph on]’ was just a hack to make the argument not end in a period.

No, the [run paragraph on] has real effect. A period before a open-bracket behaves the same as a period at the end of the string – both are taken as a break unless the open-bracketed term has the running-on nature.

That’s a shame. The hack would have been more interesting.

You can also do it like this.

[code]Moor is a room. The description is “[moortext].”.

To say moortext: say “Moorish”.[/code]

Repositioning the full stop usually does the trick here.

Hope this helps.