Unreadable AGT/Magx transcript?

I started a transcript for Dottore Piergiorgio’s Creative Cooking, but when I went to read it my computer (Win10) couldn’t open it. It asks to specify a program to open the file with, and I have no idea which to choose.

I have notepad++ installed & that lets you “open in notepad” on right-clicking in explorer … I assume you can also rename it from the command line? It’s just a text file, but sometimes Windows gets a bit odd if you have a “.log” extension or none at all.



Thanks, that works.

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Hooray! Yeah, Windows is frustrating but well-meaning about files without extensions.

Also, hooray for (well, potentially, I assume,) a review of Creative Cooking upcoming. It’s been lagging behind in reviews, even though it’s a relatively short game. So I’ll steer this topic to “hey, everyone else, take a look too, it works in Gargoyle if you just click the AGX file.”

(Disclaimer: I tested it.)

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Oh yes. Definitely upcoming. I’l still just at the very early stages of looking around the house, but I’m curious. And eager to see how the cooking works.

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I was just getting ready to ask how to run Creative Cooking. I will go redownload Gargoyle now and try it…


This is kind of off-topic, but the AGiliTy interpreter, when using the Glk interface, as it does in Gargoyle, confusingly provides two different transcript commands: SCRIPT (and UNSCRIPT) as well as GLK SCRIPT ON (and GLK SCRIPT OFF), with slightly different output. I can’t remember the exact details right now, but I ended up using the latter for the automated tests in Spatterlight, after first trying the former. I think SCRIPT uses a DOS codepage or skips certain output or something.


Petter, I think you have nailed Rovarsson on the technical cause of his issue. (I have haved some difficulties in reading ßtesters’s xscripts…)

Another thing to add to the post-comp release’s Readme… lesson learned: should NOT be the last thing to be written…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.