Unpacking Zblorb

Alright, so I own this antique s40v3 Nokia 2690 and was playing IF on it using ZeeMe (which breaks the game in java byte code). Problem is- it only works for .z1-.z8 files, not .zblorb. Is there any way to remove the blorb and get the simple z-code?

Sure, use babel.exe, argument -story.


Don’t ask me how or why but I always have to run it twice: once to turn a .zblorb into a .blorb, and again to turn the .blorb into the .zX file.

Also, I have tried ZeeMe, Z2ME, and ZaxMidlet. Just a general FYI, if you can run ZaxMidlet, and there are plenty low-end mobile phones that can though they need a QWERTY keyboard, it’s by far the best low-end mobile phone interpreter.

Well, there’s JFrotzMidlet, if you can run it, but you need a better phone.

Thanks. It’s exactly the right thing.
I have tried Zaxmidlet (it works on non-QWERTY phones too) but due to memory limitations on my device, it gets runtime errors in textdumps and such.

Ah, sorry to hear it. Yes, it works on non-QWERTY, but it’s more of a pain. And it’s not flawless for every game, but it is flawless for the vast majority.

Personally I went iPod Touch and iFrotz. It cost a pretty penny, I was paying it for four months, but I’ve never looked back.

That first step isn’t necessary - a file ending in .zblorb is just a Blorb file. If babel needs it to have a .blorb ending, just rename it from foo.zblorb to foo.blorb.


Well, thanks. :slight_smile:

(This thread could go in the interpreters/add-ons/tools forum.)

For completeness: the Blorb multitool script I use is at eblong.com/zarf/blorb/blorbtool.py . This is in Python, so it’s easier to download and run on MacOS/Linux. For Windows, use the .exe above.