Unofficial Spatterlight 0.5.2b

I think this is actually starting to become useful. All interpreters seem to be functional. There is no hyperlink support and there are some glitches when resizing the window manually, but basically it is working as well as it used to, on par with Gargoyle.

The SDL2 and SDL2_mixer frameworks (for sound) are included in the app bundle, so it is a little bit larger now (12,9 MB).

The Github source is not up-to-date yet. I’m working on it.

It won’t run on Snow Leopard or earlier, but it would be great if anyone would like to try it out on a more recent OS X. …

EDIT: Actually, I haven’t been able to find any game files to test the Magnetic or Unquill interpreters with. So it would be great if someone was able test that too. Or point me in the right direction.

EDIT 2: EDIT: Github source here:

I still have some uncommitted stuff, but nothing that should make any functional difference.

Well, this is curious: I have a Magnetic Scrolls game file in “.mag” format, and I can Add it to Spatterlight 0.5.2a and play it fine*, but it fails to play in 0.5.2b.

I’m on OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite.

  • I say “fine” but actually the images have horizontal lines running across them that probably shouldn’t be there.


Thanks for testing this!

I’m sure there is some simple explanation. Perhaps you could send me the file or a link to it?

Okay. I’ll PM you. Also see my edited reply above.

Right, it turns out I had simply forgotten to steal the latest Gargoyle sources for Magnetic. The old version worked only because it was 32-bit. The new one is 64-bit only.

New working build at the same link as above. The horizontal lines seem to be gone as well.

Thanks. Yes, that seems to work for me on 10.10.5 now. The rendering of the images is slower, but they’re no longer corrupted.

The slow drawing is actually a purely aesthetic compile-time option that is switched off in Gargoyle and older versions of Spatterlight. I have no strong preference either way, but I guess I’ll turn it off for now.

Thanks. I found this latest beta to work better than the 0.5 version on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5 for certain inform games I am developing. I also had to update Gargoyle. However, Zoom does not appear to work reliably anymore for me, which is a shame because I like it’s game browser interface.

Yeah, I had a look at the Zoom source as well, but it really seemed a lot more complicated than Spatterlight. This is mainly a learning exercise for me, so perhaps I’ll have more luck after working on this for a while. Currently I’m working on adding more Zoom-like features to Spatterlight.