Unofficial Spatterlight 0.5.10b

New release out at

This main news this time is support for full screen and zooming.

Both are implemented in a non-standard way: full screen will not stretch to the full screen with, but will preserve the window with in order to keep the lines of text reasonably short and readable. Zooming (keyboard shortcuts Command + and Command -) will increase or decrease the font size, but also the window size in order to keep the line length (as in number of characters) constant. To preserve the look, it will also adjust the leading and margins, along with the new window border.

There are still a couple of rough edges and no doubt some lingering bugs. Try it out and let me know what you think! I’m particularly interested in hearing from people who don’t like the new features.

EDIT: Spatterlight is the Mac-only precursor to Gargoyle by Tor Andersson. If you’re on a Mac, it has some advantages over Gargoyle, such as system native text handling, a GUI preference panel, VoiceOver support and a game library window. Please report any bugs or feature requests in this thread or on Github!