Unofficial discord

I made a discord community for people interested in interactive fiction. Hopefully this will be helpful to people.

I get an error:

I was on there previously and it’s vanished from my list. Don’t know if there’s a problem or it was taken down. I think he had talked about reconfiguring it somehow.

I think he didn’t activate the widget; either that or he shut it down.

I suspect it’s been deleted. His blog on tumblr is also gone and he doesn’t reply to private messages here. I doubt the server will come back. Maybe his accounts got hacked or he decided to get rid of his current online identity for some reason?

Anyway, since I don’t think the server will be back I created a new one here:

If you’re a moderator or well-known user here in the forums and want to help out as a moderator or admin on the server, that would be much appreciated. Just write me a PM. Let’s hope this server will last a little longer then the first one. :smiley:

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