unneccesary description when using part of

I am using a part of description for an object that is, you guessed it, part of another object. Now when I examine the parent object inform always gives me an unneccesary line of text “(Parent Object)”. How can I make it stop that?

Any help would be appreciated.

So to clarify.

Examine the statue now gives me the following output:

I would like the (Stone Statue) removed somehow.

Hm? Oh, it’s not literally printing “(Parent Object)”. It’s printing “(Stone Statue)” as a disambiguation.

This happens when the player types a noun phrase which can refer to two objects in the location. It’s a useful hint to the player, so you don’t want to just suppress it. If the player typed just “EXAMINE STONE”, it would be really ambiguous and the player would want to know which object was inferred.

If you eliminate the redundant words, it won’t be a problem. For example, you could say “The feets are part of the Stone Statue” and then STONE STATUE could only refer to one thing.

You could then add:

Understand "of [stone statue]" as the feets.

…to recognize FEETS OF THE STATUE as an entire phrase.

Aahhh, so it was just my usage of “the feets of the stone statue” - okay, got it. Thought it had something to do with it being a child object or something. I just removed that “of the stone statue” part of the feets and everythings fine. Thank you!