Unlocking doors

Just taking a look at 3.13 Locks and keys, and example 21: Disappointment Bay 6

I’ve copied the following as a new project:

[code]The Cabin is a room. Description is “The cabin looks splendid.”

The Cabin contains a glass case. In the glass case is a collection of fishing rods. The case is closed, transparent, openable, lockable, and locked. The case is scenery. The small silver key unlocks the case.

The small silver key is carried by the player.

The Den is south of the cabin. Description is “This room is splendid too.”[/code]

When I start the game, I have the key, and ‘Unlock case’ results in:

However, if I move south, drop the key so it is in another room, and return to the cabin, I then get the following when attempting to unlock the case:

Of course if I had dropped the key in the Cabin, I would have picked up the key before unlocking.

Shouldn’t the software really state “you need a key to unlock this case” if the key is not carried or in the same room?

I understand this could be worked around using Example 22: Neighborhood Watch, but seems that it should be a default. Am I missing something?



It looks like a bug, but I can’t say for certain.

Does the code include the extension Locksmith?

Does now…

Shiny :smiley:

I see you can ‘rekey’ too, which will help for the future.

Thanks again.

(note to self: must read all documentation before asking more questions)