Unlocking doors at certain hour

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I am new here and I hope I did put my question in right category.

I want a closed door to stay closed until a certain hour. I have 2 problems. I state that “museum door is a closed door” but player still can open them and I don’t want that until 10 AM. Second, I can’t get the command to open the doors at the certain hour right. I don’t even know where to search for established rules for Inform 7…

Another issue: can I tell game to state time of day to the player every turn?

One more problem, for the future need. How can I move the player to the certain room at the certain hour?

The grand entrance is a door. It is closed and locked.

At 10:00 PM:
    say "The clock strikes ten, and you find yourself suddenly transported to..."
    now the grand entrance is open;
    move the player to the Foyer.

Ummm it runs but after waiting to 10 PM, the door is still locked and the player is still outside… also, going east (the direction of the door and hallway beneath it) results in game sending empty line.

Can you post your code? It would make it easier to debug.

Open is different from unlocked… but I don’t remember how that would influence other rules.

If I remember right, a locked door can’t be opened or closed, so you can make a door open and locked if you don’t want the player messing with it. (Or, alternately, open and not openable, which gives different messages but has the same effect.)

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Your memory fails you this time, or this has changed at some point. A locked, openable door (6M62) can be closed but then can’t be re-opened.