Unknown Word Error by Neil Cerutti has a bug

I get the following error when trying to compile withUnkown Word Error.

Problem. You wrote ‘Rule for printing a parser error when the parser =
error is can’t see any such thing (this is the don’t know that word =
: but I don’t understand the ‘when/while’ clause, which should name =
activities or conditions.
See the manual: 17.4 > While clauses=

anyone else getting this?

Sounds like Unknown Word Error isn’t updated for the latest version of Inform. (This happens reasonably often with extensions.) Mike Ciul has an updated version of the extension.

Thanks Matt:

Someone needs to notify Mark Musante so he can remove the old one from the I7 Extensions archive
and post the new one.

Hey cool, somebody responded to this before I even saw it!

I think I emailed Mark already, but I can bug him again.