Unknown compiling error

So I’m just getting into writing a game and just to make sure everything was working, I put together a basic room and some copyright info and a basic cover image and compiled it with Quixe selected as the interpreter.

It successfully compiled and created a game file that runs in Chrome. But in the “console” tab of Inform it reports there was 1 error. It says nothing about what that error was, or where the error was, or any hints about tracking it down.

How can I get clues about what this error might be?

Can you include the code so we can look at it?

Also paste the entire console output, if you would.


Heres the code of the very short game:

"Memoir" by David Good

Section 1 - Includes

Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short.
Include Glulx Text Effects by Emily Short.

Section 2 - Initializations

Use the serial comma, American dialect, full-length room descriptions, undo prevention. 

Release along with the "Quixe" interpreter, cover art, the library card, and a "Memoir" website.

Section 3 - Game bibliographic info

The story test version, story author email, story rights and story abb rights are text variables. 

The story genre is "Nonfiction". 

The story creation year is 2024. 

The release number is 1. 

The story author email is "duodave@gmail.com".

The story test version is "Test version 0.1".

The story rights is "[unicode 169][story creation year] by [the story author], all rights reserved". 

Welcome-text is a truth state that varies. Welcome-text is false.

After printing the banner text: 
	say "[unicode 169][story creation year] by [the story author].";
	say "[italic type][story author email][roman type][line break]";
	say "[story test version][line break]";
	say "Any resemblance to persons living, dead is pure coincidence.";
	if welcome-text is false:
		say "[line break]I haven't decided the game opening yet. [roman type]";
		say paragraph break;
		say "[italic type]Press a key to continue...";
		wait for any key;
		say "[roman type]";
		say paragraph break;
		now welcome-text is true.	

The Office is a room. The description is "This is a fairly messy personal office. The desk is scattered with papers and discarded mail. A computer with a couple monitors are on the desk, and there's a closed laptop on a nearby table. Sitting in a desk chair at the desk is a amall man."

Dave is a person in the Office. The description is "Dave is working at his computer."

A chair is a kind of supporter. A chair is always enterable. In the office is a chair. 

A desk is in the Office. A desk is a supporter. The description is "The brown wooden desk is scattered with papers and mail. There's a computer and a couple of monitors on top of it. There's a keyboard and mouse here too."

And the console output:

G:\Program Files\Inform\Compilers\inform7 \
    -release -internal "G:\Program Files\Inform\Internal" -external "C:\Users\duoda\OneDrive\Documents\Inform" -project "G:\Users\duoda\OneDrive\Documents\Inform\Projects\Memoir.inform" -format=Inform6/32
Inform 7 v10.1.2 has started.
I've now read your source text, which is 336 words long.
I've also read Basic Inform by Graham Nelson, which is 7691 words long.
I've also read English Language by Graham Nelson, which is 2328 words long.
I've also read Standard Rules by Graham Nelson, which is 32164 words long.
I've also read Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short, which is 2223 words long.
I've also read Glulx Text Effects by Emily Short, which is 2182 words long.

  The 336-word source text has successfully been translated. There were 1 room
    and 4 things.
Inform 7 has finished.

G:\Program Files\Inform\Compilers\inform6 \
    -w~S~DG +include_path=..\Source,.\ auto.inf output.ulx
Inform 6.41 for Win32 (22nd July 2022)
In:  1 source code files             89687 syntactic lines
 78362 textual lines               2323241 characters (ISO 8859-1 Latin1)
  8947 symbols                     3417963 bytes of memory
Out:   Glulx story file 1.240520 (490K long):
    21 classes                          42 objects
   232 global vars                   85574 variable/array space
    79 verbs                           302 dictionary entries
   145 grammar lines (version 2)       226 grammar tokens (unlimited)
    78 actions                          37 attributes (maximum 56)
    39 common props (maximum 253)       21 individual props (unlimited)
403378 bytes of code                 99935 unused bytes stripped out (24.8%)
112101 characters used in text       88622 bytes compressed (rate 0.790)
     0 abbreviations (maximum 64)     3228 routines (unlimited)
 69831 instructions of code          43614 sequence points
109056 bytes writable memory used   392192 bytes read-only memory used
501248 bytes used in machine    1073240576 bytes free in machine
Compiled with 3355 suppressed warnings
Completed in 0.000 seconds

Compiler finished with code 0
G:\Program Files\Inform\Compilers\inblorb \
    Release.blurb Build\output.gblorb
! inblorb 4 [executing on Monday 20 May 2024 at 22:56.35]
! The blorb spell (safely protect a small object as though in a strong box).
! Release folder: <G:\Users\duoda\OneDrive\Documents\Inform\Projects\Memoir.materials\Release>
Copy blorb to: [[G:\Users\duoda\OneDrive\Documents\Inform\Projects\Memoir.materials\Release\Memoir.gblorb]]
! Completed: 1 error(s)
! Completed: wrote blorb file with 1 picture(s), 0 sound(s)
Websites and play-in-browser interpreter web pages are created using named templates. (Basic examples are built into the Inform application. You can also create your own, putting them in the 'Templates' subfolder of the project's Materials folder.) Each template has a name. On this Release, I tried to use the 'Memoir' template, but couldn't find a copy of it anywhere.

It’s this last bit:

You’re telling it to use the “Memoir” template, but it can’t find it.

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Ah. I copied much of that part from a different game I must have missed that part.