Unix Frotz and DOS Frotz development

(David Griffith) #41

I suspect that these differences might have to do with what computer the interpreter claims to be running on. For my brief experiments, I just adjusted the xterm width. Frotz defaults to claiming to be running on a DEC PDP-10. Maybe being on an Apple II will cause the game to use a different status line. I don’t recall how my Apple II ran Infocom games with fewer than 80 columns.

(David Griffith) #42

I came up with something that seems to look good for terminals narrower than 67 columns and greater than 53. I also added some tweaks to make a 40 column terminal look good. See gitlab.com/DavidGriffith/inform6lib/issues/56 for the trouble ticket. While working on that, I noticed that games that use the time of day instead of moves and score won’t be handled if the terminal is narrower than 54 characters. I’ll push a fix for that tonight or in the wee hours tomorrow morning.


And why there is a plural to Move(s) with a value less or equal to 1; it is a plural or it’s for the grammar?

(David Griffith) #44

I didn’t bother to add that.


I get a segmentation error if I start the game without its extension.
If my game is game.z5:
frotz game (without.z5)

(David Griffith) #46

Sorry, I’ve been distracted as of late.
See gitlab.com/DavidGriffith/frotz/issues/99 for the bug writeups.
Fixed in gitlab.com/DavidGriffith/frotz/ … dc786bed9e