Unix Frotz 2.54 released

Frotz 2.54 was released on Wednesday April 13, 2022.

This release’s main attractions are official support for TOPS20 and cross-compilation to DOS.


  • Added changes to allow for compilation on a DEC PDP-10 mainframe running TOPS20. See INSTALL_PDP10.

  • Added a means to cross-compile to DOS by way of Open Watcom C version 2 and later. See INSTALL_DOS.

  • Added a quiet mode to dumb interface to quell startup messages.


  • Fixed several problems with compilation under macOS.

  • Fixed wrong glyphs in DOS Frotz’s Amiga font mode. 1/2 and 1/4 were there instead of the oe and OE ligatures.

  • Fixed a failure of the -q flag to actually silence sound effects.

  • Fixed an oversight in SDL Frotz that prevented some sounds from playing in Lurking Horror.

  • Made the dumb and curses interfaces read the resolution chunk from Blorb files. Previously they would assume a resolution of 320x200.


Are you going to port Frotz to Android?


I haven’t much considered that given there are other Z-machine interpreters available for Android. There is JFrotz, which is based on a conversion of Frotz 2.43 from C to Java. There is also Termux, which allows regular Linux packages to be built and run in an Android environment. Frotz is one of those packages that can be thus run. Son of Hunkypunk embeds Frotz.


Well, Jfrotz doesn’t work anymore.
Fabularium don’t do any transcript for Glulxe games.
Running an app under Termux in a phone needs a microscope to see numbers.
Hunky punky don’t run Glulxe games.
Twisty comes in Hadean Lands package but is unable to run this game at all.
The only option is Text fiction under Thunderword with Incant Launcher. All alphas and betas releases.

I don’t know the amount of work needed to do a multi interpreter for Android. While there are some interpreters for eldest and oddest platforms, there is no one that runs properly in Android.

I really liked Frotz in my ios stuff. I have lost both, my iphone and ipad for hardware issues in less than a month. I can’t say the same about any program running in the Android platform.

  • Jade.
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I suppose I’ll look into doing a UI port to Android.

See https://gitlab.com/DavidGriffith/frotz/-/issues/266 for this effort.


iplayif.com is an option, and will be an even better option once it becomes an installable app in the medium-near future. But for now it supports Glulx, Hugo, TADS, and Z-Code, as well as transcripts, and should display at a decent font size.


Spanish IF uses parchement a lot. For example Incanus has his games running in parchment… but there are lot of issues with other games related to sound, color, graphics, random number generators and parser versions.

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I’m sorry to hear that. The only issue I know about there is the lack of sound support, so please encourage people to report problems and bugs. Can’t fix what we don’t know about! :slight_smile:


So… How is the sixel support :wink:

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Crude experimentation.